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Our free online CBT-based psychoeducational courses delivered by NHS therapists, have been developed to help you to understand your problems and build on the coping skills that you are already using. Treatment is delivered through a series of video sessions that you can complete anywhere, at anytime, at your own pace – on the go or in the comfort of your own home – as long as you have an Internet connection.


These sessions are designed to support you if you have recently been bereaved, enabling you to better understand your feelings and provide techniques to cope with the thoughts, emotions and behaviour that impact on your ability to adjust to life following a bereavement.

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This introduction to the Mindfulness Course will explore the main concepts behind the practice of Mindfulness and how by training your attention you can begin to see the world in greater clarity and even reduce the symptoms of low mood, anxiety and the stresses of everyday life.

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Understanding Self-Esteem

Your self-esteem can be improved by challenging and changing negative beliefs you have about yourself. This course teaches many different techniques to help you do this, including assertiveness skills, acknowledging and appreciating your positive qualities and developing greater self-acceptance.

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Postnatal Depression

It’s common for new mothers to feel down or tearful in the first week or two after giving birth, but when symptoms persist past this point it may be more than just ‘the baby blues’. This course aims to help you understand what you’re going through and how to manage symptoms more effectively.

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Stress & Anxiety

Feelings of stress and anxiety are common place occurrences in the majority of people’s lives, due to the pressures or difficult situations we can find ourselves facing. However, sometimes these feelings can get in the way of us living life as we would like, affecting how we think...

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Disclaimer: We understand that everybody's symptoms are different. The video titles are only a guide to how you may be feeling.

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