Adjusting to later life

Our lives can change significantly as we get older and begin to face a number of life changing events, such as retirement. While this is part and parcel of aging, sometimes it can be difficult to adjust to these new challenges and you can begin to feel down or upset about life and the future. However, by understanding the difficulties you’re experiencing and learning methods to cope, you can begin enjoying life’s next chapter.

Am I struggling to adjust to later life?

Everyone adjusts to later life differently and difficulties or challenges tend to be very personal to each individual.

Typically, feeling unusually upset, down or depressed are common tell-tale signs that you may not be adjusting to later life as well as you might like. It may be as simple as not knowing what to do with yourself each day, or perhaps you may be frustrated at a perceived lack of freedom. Or you may be struggling to overcome the loss of someone close or the fear of death.

What stops me from adjusting to later life?

Problems adjusting to later life usually stem from significant and sudden changes that have taken place. These can include:

  • Loss of your job or retirement
  • Bereavement, either from death of a friend or partner
  • Ill health or long-term health problems
  • A loss of independence

How can therapy help me to adjust to later life?

Therapy For You can offer you a range of interventions to help manage this but our psychoeducational course provides a great beginning to better understand more about the difficulties that you and others like you may be facing. We can help you learn methods and techniques to improve your mood and outlook, and ultimately help you to adjust to the new challenges and continue to enjoy everything life has to offer.


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