Lacking in confidence

We all face circumstances that cause us to worry or doubt ourselves at some point in life. But when you begin to feel nervous about everyday situations, particularly ones in public, low confidence can start to seriously impact your career, social life and relationships. The good news is that with the right guidance, you can tackle your fears and reduce your anxieties.

Do I have low confidence?

You’re probably already well aware of your confidence issues and actively avoid those situations in which you are least confident. Low confidence often traps people in a vicious circle of negativity that can spread to every part of their lives.

Common symptoms of low confidence can include:

  • Becoming extremely anxious before social events
  • Developing negative thinking patterns and convincing yourself that you will fail at everything
  • Difficulty in interacting with people and actively avoiding social situations
  • Difficulty completing day-to-day tasks like using public transport or holding down a job
  • Focusing on your weaknesses, rather than your positives
  • Not challenging or pushing yourself for fear of failure

What causes my lack of confidence?

There isn’t one single cause of low confidence. You have formed your beliefs about yourself throughout your life and these thoughts are likely to have been affected by a number of different events and scenarios.

It may be that you can pinpoint the exact reason behind your anxiety. But if not, the following factors have been known to cause low confidence:

  • Negative childhood experiences such as bullying or bad family relationships
  • Difficult life events such as the death of someone close, the end of a relationship, long-term illness or becoming unemployed
  • Your personality and temperament
  • Stress and excessive pressures
  • Social isolation or loneliness, especially if you have problems maintaining relationships

How can therapy treat my lack of confidence?

Therapy For You can offer you a range of interventions to help manage this type of problem. Our face-to-face and online psychoeducation courses have been shown to be very effective at increasing confidence levels in individuals. The treatment works by helping you to better understand why you feel anxious and unconfident, and learning methods you can use to tackle your fears and change the way you feel about yourself.


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Everyone’s journey is different. People recover in different ways and at different speeds. But everyone has the ability to make changes.

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