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We‘ll help you feel better

It’s normal to experience anxiety and depression. But when they start to become part of everyday life, Therapy For You is here to help. Through online and offline CBT-based psychoeducational courses, we’ll help you to understand more about the way you are feeling, build on the coping skills you are using already and eventually overcome life’s problems.

Therapy designed around you

Our CBT-based psychoeducational courses have been developed to work around your current lifestyle, empowering you to make changes wherever you are.

Complete courses online

Complete courses online

Our online courses can be completed anywhere and at anytime, as long as you have an internet connection.

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Track and monitor your progress

Track and monitor your progress

You can measure and monitor your progress over the duration of the course, and track your improvements online.

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A course for almost every problem

With a huge selection of courses on offer – and more being developed all the time – there’s a treatment for everyone.

Overcome life‘s problems

Whether you understand how you are feeling or aren’t sure what’s wrong, we can help you to manage and overcome a range of different problems.

  • Adjusting to later life

    Our lives change significantly as we get older and sometimes it can be difficult to adjust.

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  • Anger

    It’s normal to feel angry, but being unable to get your anger under control can affect your personal life.

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  • Anxiety

    Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as fear or worry, that occurs when we feel under threat or concerned.

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  • Depression

    Most of us will feel occasionally down or fed up but at it’s worst depression can be debilitating.

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  • Emotional over eating

    We all overindulge occasionally, but constant overeating can seriously impact your health.

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  • Lacking in confidence

    Everyone doubts themselves at some point, but for some people this is a constant feeling.

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  • Loss and bereavement

    Everyone deals with loss differently, but some people may feel they need help trying to cope.

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  • Low mood after childbirth

    Baby blues are incredibly common, but sometimes parents suffer from extreme and extended sadness.

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  • OCD

    When obsessions or compulsions start to take up large parts of your day you may have OCD.

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  • Panic

    Everyone worries about certain things, but that worry shouldn’t become part of who you are.

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  • Phobias

    While fear is natural, some people can experience extreme, intense and lasting fear.

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  • Sleep problems

    Occasional sleeping issues are normal, but constant problems can begin to have a real impact on life.

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  • Stress

    Stress is a normal reaction, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to get on with life.

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The whole experience has been life changing. The 6 group sessions gave me a greater understanding of myself and the triggers relevant to me.

Mike, 42

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We’ve already helped people just like you

Our online and group courses have already helped thousands of people in Essex just like you to improve the way they feel.

98.6% got help that mattered

When asked for feedback, almost all service users felt they got the help that mattered to them throughout their course of treatment.

99.4% understood their difficulties better

Almost all service users believe that treatment has helped them to better understand and address their difficulties.

99% had confidence in the therapist

Nearly every service user had confidence in their therapist and their skills and techniques.

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Your route to treatment

Everyone’s journey is different. People recover in different ways and at different speeds. But everyone has the ability to make changes.

Our courses are a great starting point.

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If you want to get started but don’t know how to proceed, arrange a call with a member of the Therapy For You team by clicking on the button below.

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