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We all have worries about certain things in life and this is perfectly normal. But for some people this worry can become overwhelming. If you feel that your worry or anxiety is becoming part of who you are and is beginning to have a negative impact on your everyday life, you may need help.

Do I suffer from worry and anxiety?

We’re all affected by worry and anxiety in different ways – and you may find it difficult to tell if your worry has reached extreme levels. Likewise, some people can display a whole range of symptoms, while others may only experience one or two. You may suffer from an extreme form of worry or anxiety if you:

  • Regularly feel wound up, nervous or on edge
  • Are irritable or short tempered
  • Have difficulty sleeping
  • Are unable to concentrate
  • Feel nauseous
  • Have headaches or feel lightheaded
  • Experience a churning feeling in your stomach
  • Dwell on negative experiences or think about the same thing over and over

What causes my anxiety?

Any number of things can spark worry or anxiety. While your personality may make you more susceptible to extreme forms of worrying, the feeling itself can also be caused by the following factors:

  • Everyday life events such as work, school, money problems or major life experiences such as moving home or getting married
  • Past experiences, including those that happened during your childhood, might make you feel anxious about facing similar situations again
  • Physical and mental health issues can make you more nervous and vulnerable to anxiety, especially If you have had mental health issues in the past
  • Diets can affect day-to-day mood and some foods can trigger symptoms of anxiety, including sugar and caffeine
  • Drugs and medication can affect your mental health and cause anxiety as a side effect

How can therapy treat my worry and anxiety?

Therapy For You can offer you a range of interventions to help manage this type of problem, beginning with our Psychoeducational therapy courses, which can help you better understand the causes and triggers of your anxiety or worry, as well as helping you to develop suitable coping mechanisms that can eventually see you overcome your fear.


Your route to treatment

Everyone’s journey is different. People recover in different ways and at different speeds. But everyone has the ability to make changes.

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With a huge selection of courses on offer – and more being developed all the time – there’s a treatment for everyone.

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