Weight Management

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Total course length: 10 weeks
Weight Management

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For some people their relationship with food becomes unhealthy and can cause psychological distress.  Our Weight Management course focuses on the psychological and emotional aspects of over eating and looks to help people manage their relationship with food in a healthier and adaptive way. 

 Some of the topics included in the group include:

             how to motivate yourself  to make changes to a difficult relationship with food

             to understand what might have been stopping change from happening so far

             identify what triggers you to eat in a chaotic or unplanned way

             problem solving techniques to help deal with food cravings

             encouraging a long term eating plan that will promote nutrition, balance and stabilise                blood sugar levels in the body

             manage emotional eating

             promote small gradual changes to eating, lifestyle and thought processes.

This therapeutic group runs for 12 weekly sessions.  It is strongly recommended that you attend all sessions to get the most from the group. This group is not a diet programme.

Due to the specific nature of this course, it's timetable is subject to variation. Please contact us at questions.therapyforyou@sept.nhs.uk to register your interest, letting us know the chosen course title, your name and Date of Birth and we will then advise you about availability.

This course is suitable if you are or are suffering from:

  • Low/depressed
  • Lacking in confidence
  • Stress
  • Excessive eating/binge eating
  • Worry/anxiety/panic

I liked that it was a relaxed atmosphere, with no pressure and that we set specific goals for each session. I really enjoyed the group it is extremely helpful for over eating problems. The support and ability to discuss these issues has helped greatly.

Karen, 45

What you need to know

What you need to know

  1. You will need a pen, as you will need to complete a questionnaire each week and may want to make notes.
  2. You will need a drink as refreshments are not provided in some of the venues.
  3. You will need to allow time for parking.
  4. Some washroom facilities may be unisex.
  5. You will need to call ahead if you need assistance with wheelchair access or unable to use stairs.
  6. You will need to call ahead if you need visual or hearing assistance.

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